I am an ecologist with a focus in field-based studies with conservation applications. I have a strong interest in questions at the intersection of landscape ecology and animal behavior (i.e., behavioral landscape ecology) such as animal movement ecology in heterogeneous and changing landscapes. In particular, I am excited about and motivated to understand the implications of research in behavioral landscape ecology for the conservation of special status species in the face of climate change and other anthropogenic environmental stressors.



ISO job opportunities

FALL 2022
After several years of working part-time on my Ph.D., I chose to graduate with a master's degree instead and will be graduating this December! I am hoping to find a full-time position in the Asheville, NC area that combines my interests of biological field work, data analysis, project management, and environmental education/outreach.


I have been conducting biological field work for the past 13 years, when I started as an undergraduate student in Dr. Nick Haddad’s lab at North Carolina State University in my home state. I am currently finishing a second Master's degree in Dr. Bob McCleery's lab at the University of Florida and co-advised by Dr. Mike Conner at the Joseph Center at Ichauway in Georgia. (However, as of summer 2020, I have relocated to Asheville, NC, where I will be finishing my degree remotely.) In 2015, I completed my Master's degree with Dr. Monica Turner’s Ecosystem and Landscape Ecology Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. For the ~3 years before starting graduate school, I worked as a biologist (mostly in California) on a variety of projects with the federal government, UC-Berkeley, and other organizations (see Experience).

Recent projects and positions: