Wildlife Management Intern


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – Southeast Farallon Island/Fremont, CA
Jan. 23-Mar. 29, 2012

- Performed plant surveys/mapping at remote, rustic field station at Farallon National Wildlife Refuge
- Controlled invasive plants utilizing methods including chemical and mechanical applications (hand-pulling and herbicide backpack sprayers)
- Conducted percent cover surveys and photo documentation of herbicide-treated vegetation plots
- Conducted wildlife surveys for birds (burrowing owl survey and pellet search, Cassin’s Auklet nest box checks), salamander cover board and invertebrate surveys
- Assisted with conducting bait degradation survey and morning gull count, mice trapping survey, and collecting weather and sea surface temperature

San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge Complex -
Farallon National Wildlife Refuge -

Supervisors: Jonathan Shore (Wildlife Refuge Specialist), Gerry McChesney (Refuge Manager)

The Farallon Islands (including the South Farallon Islands, pictured above) are located about 28 miles west of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA. (Click to view a larger image.)

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